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To be eligible, you have to be an existing member with a previous order with us - that is, you will not see your special coupon code if you just signed up on a whim and made no confirmed order.

If you refer a new client and they make a confirmed order (OVER $35), you get 100 points with us.

Just give them the code that is auto-generated in your members area, and be sure they add it as a 'coupon code' when completing check out - this is important; and on completion of their order, you get 100 points automatically.

You also earn 50 points for every order you make, and if someone orders with a coupon and their order total is greater than $35, they also get an additional 'once off' 50 points.

Points can be used on purchases, that is they can be converted to future Kray Ink purchases.

There is not limit on the amount of points you can accrue, but you must have a minimum of 1000 points to convert it to a Kray Ink gift certificate - and this gift certificate is only valid to your specific account.

Referral points are simply a points system. These points do not carry any monetary value themselves, and can only be applied to checkout orders at Kray Ink.